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Hetal Pharmaceutical., Kyiv, Ukraine, is an advanced synthetic laboratory producing and selling Novel Organic Compounds for Life Science Industries worldwide.  It is the biggest in Ukraine exporter of high-tech products and services that range from individual HTS chemicals to challenging custom synthesis. 

Hetal Pharmaceutical has become a highly recognized outsourcing partner for leading research institutions and manufacturers involved in drug-discovery. The Company has not only maintained and strengthened its prominent position by integrating cutting-edge chemical knowledge with innovative technology but has also created good grounds for its confident growth in the future. Our current and long-term programs are devoted to a number of pressing problems in life sciences and medicinal chemistry. Hetal Pharmaceutical has successfully completed many custom synthesis projects, confirming its profound academic background and substantiating its most up-to-date research approaches. 

Best results or the Laboratory’s experimental and R&D work are presented at professional gatherings and exhibitions, in publications and presentations.

The Company possesses a unique intellectual potential and modern in-house production capacities. Our team of 25 chemists, all having University degrees, represents various branches of organic chemistry, with best results achieved in chemistry of heterocycles.

Synthetic laboratories work in close collaboration with chromatographic purification unit and analytical laboratory. 

One of our priorities today is computational chemistry based on modern software to model focused libraries and sets of drug-like compounds.

Purity and quality control are provided by a quality control unit equipped with up-scaled devices, NMR (Varian, 400 MHz) and LCMS (Agilent 1100).

Providing its original and chemically diverse products of highest grade, Hetal Pharmaceutical offers first-class services in supply and re-supply, packing and delivery.